Assisted Living Facilities in Kansas City

Assisted Living

Who Benefits from Assisted Living?


The right choice for those who need assistance with daily living. Assisted living facilities in Kansas City helps with taking medication, meal preparation, getting dressed, bathing, and ambulatory assistance.

Assisted Living Services

Service options include assistance with daily living activities – bathing, dressing, eating – medication dispensing, exercise & wellness programs, housekeeping, maintenance, religious activities and transportation.

How Much Do Assisted Living Facilities Cost?

Assisted living is primarily private pay, meaning it is paid for by the individual or long-term care insurance. The cost depends on — services, frequency, care being offered and location. The base rate will depend upon the square footage, location, views and unit availability of the apartment you select.

Benefits for Veterans

​Many veterans and their spouses are unaware of assisted living benefits they are entitled to,  that could help them pay for care as they age. Please allow us to help you find an assisted living community.  Contact us for more information!

Let Us Help Find Your Assisted Living Facility

There are many senior living options that can be tailored to meet your needs and your budget. Ask-Carol Kansas City will assist you with your individual plan, tailored to meet your desires, needs, and budget.

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