Meet Ralph Caro


Hi! I’m Ralph Caro, Certified Senior Advisor, owner and founder of Senior Living Concierge Services LLC.

We offer free Senior Housing Placement, specializing in Assisted Living, Independent Living, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care, and Palliative/Hospice Care.

A native of Kansas City, Kansas, I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Kansas and completed my Master of Business Administration degree at the University of Missouri.

About Ralph

For more than 35 years I was involved in the Community Health Care Movement, promoting the provision of high quality, comprehensive and affordable health care for all.  I led the strategic direction and operations, of two Community Health Centers as either President/CEO or COO for fifteen of those years.  The common thread between both entities was family. Families come in all shapes and sizes, with varied resources; and every family deserved to be treated with dignity and respect, irrespective of their circumstances.

Our Specialty Services

We specialize in providing placements for Veterans and their spouses. We offer personalized care plans and walk you through the process of finding the best place for your loved ones. There is no cost to you for my help. I am compensated by a group of selected living communities, that have been researched, vetted and inspected by me personally.

I chose to work with Seniors and their families because I understand the difficulties of finding care for a loved one and can help families based upon my experience. At Senior Living Concierge Services, we understand what you are going through because we have faced similar circumstances.

I know what it’s like to struggle with deciding about care for your loved one because I faced a similar situation with my Mom. I was unexpectedly put into a position of making quality of life decisions on Mom’s behalf without the benefit of outside help. I look forward to helping you find the best care feasible so your loved one can have the fullest life possible.

Helping You Through the Process.

Guide you through an often-complex process.

Ask questions you might overlook.

Find financing options for your budget.

Suggest the communities best for your parent.

Offer personal support during a difficult time.

Our Values

To be the best senior living placement agency in metro Kansas City, our work is driven and guided by our values.


What Is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)?

The Society of Certified Senior Advisors’ is the world’s largest membership organization educating and certifying professionals who serve seniors. SCSA was founded in 1997 with the input of doctors, attorneys, gerontologists, accountants, financial planners and other experts who believed there was a need for standardized education and a credential for professionals who work with seniors.

Earners of the Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)® designation have demonstrated advanced knowledge in the multiple processes of aging. CSAs understand how to build effective relationships with older adults because they have a broad-based knowledge of the health, social and financial issues that are important to older adults. Through certification, Certified Senior Advisors agree to uphold the highest ethical standards for the benefit and protection of the health and welfare of older adults.

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