Reliable Senior Housing Placement Services

Reliable Senior Housing Placement Services

July 15, 2021


Are you looking for senior living options and senior care options? Do you need advice in navigating this complex process? Whether you are a senior or a veteran or a loved one to them, there is good news. At Senior Living Concierge Services, LLC, we are senior living referral and placement specialists offering help without charges or fees.

Benefits of Using a Senior Living Placement Service

Sometimes the pressure builds up in life. You want to take care of your parents, have your own family to take care of, then there is the job and not just one, but two. It becomes too much on your plate for you to handle, then you come up with the thought of placing your loved one in a community where they will benefit.

The next problem arises you want to settle them into a home, but you cannot find time to look for a home that will suit them best. You also do not want to place them in any facility you just happen to stumble upon. You want to be sure that they get to a loving facility and in good hands.

To solve your dilemma and release the pressure that has built up. You will need to seek a certified professional senior advisor. The other option is a senior living concierge service. They will step in and ease the burden off you and your parent.

Below are a few benefits of a Senior Living Placement Service:

  • It is easy to get your hands on every form of information concerning the community with an agency. For example, the varying prices, rates of occupation, the staff to resident ratio, the population of the residents, nearness of the facility to a hospital even reviews and complaints.
  • You can negotiate on rates, and you get assistance when determining the kind of facility and the level of care needed.
  • It saves you a lot of time.
  • The circle of the facilities you need to tour becomes smaller and therefore reducing the burden.
  • Your information remains confidential.
  • You can get a comfortable deal; something within your budget and that offers quality services.
  • You receive the much-needed advice and personal guidance.
  • Eases communication between you and the facility, and this reduces the transition stress.

Factors to consider before working with a senior placement agency.

  1. Check the pricing, how much it will cost to consult with them. Luckly for you, here at Senior Living Concierge Services, LLC, we have no placement charges. Our research is free!
  2. Their reputation. What are people saying about the agency? Who has worked with them? How many years of experience do they have? Are there any complaints that might discourage me from pursuing them?
  3. What is included in their service offering? You will want to know what services they offer and to what extent.
  4. It would be best if you were sure that they are knowledgeable about the area, the facilities, and the process of transition.
  5. Lastly, you want an agency that works within a reasonable time frame.

Where to Find a Good Senior Placement Agency

Suppose you are looking for a good service placement agency that checks all the boxes, then Senior Living Concierge Services, LLC. is the place for you. Our company strives to be the best senior living and placement agency in Metro Kansas City, our work is driven and guided by our values: Integrity, Empathy, Knowledge, Professionalism, Compassion, Honesty and Family. Call us today at 816-666-7083 or visit our website: to learn more!