December 13, 2017

Finding Assisted Living options for elderly loved ones online may result in some troubles. Navigating life’s big decisions of the sort usually take an incredible amount of time, effort, and investment. For example, the online photographs that you find are beautiful but what the internet puts in an easily ignorable corner is the high cost of living.


The essential idea of Assisted Living is finding a housing that features complete care for the elderly, including nursing, meals, and housekeeping, to provide the best service needs. Assisted Living facilities across U.S. can cost from $30,000 to $60,000 annually through professional placement experts. In Kansas City, the same facilities are provided a touch over $40,000 per annum. Keep in mind that an increase in costs of 9% has taken place within the last five years.


The Home Care Reality


If we look at Genworth’s analysis pertaining to care for elderly in the U.S., the annual cost in Kansas City is nearly $45000. If we shed a sight towards the statistics in details, it is horrifying to see that over 55 million individuals are involved in taking care of the elderly individuals within families while only 2 million caregivers are available.


Mentioned below are three ways, which might help in containing the pressure of rising costs of home care and assisted living.


Long-Term Care Insurance


Long-term care insurance policy is always beneficial, considering that assisted living is concerned with care. Interestingly if the insurance policy is further narrowed down for home care, the provision may likely allow assisted living too.


Veterans Benefits


Serving the nation never goes unnoticed in the U.S, especially when it comes to their safety and security. If a family member has been a veteran, chances are that approaching the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs would be a fruitful idea. Eligibility for benefits will definitely work for residential care.


Life Insurance


Life insurance funds are considered usable for a person’s family after his or her death. However, multiple clauses within the policies may allow paying for care providing whilst a person is alive. It is best if you study your policy in detail and get in touch with your agent.



Therefore, if you are looking for personalized care for your loved one, contact us today. We do the searching, so you don’t have to because we are local, and are abreast with the service needs as well as the safety and security protocols of the region. Hence, our recommendations based on your preferences will help in finding affordable senior housing Kansas City area.